Since TOYOTA knew from internal tests that it had completed at the time of these statements, the recall of eight models had not in fact “addressed the very cause” of the floor mat entanglement problem. Models that have not been recalled – and therefore still on the road – have design features that make them as vulnerable to floor mat inclusions as they do in the recall population. An engineer working at a TOYOTA plant in California concluded that the Corolla, an unsealed best-selling car, was among the three “worst” vehicles for floor mat containment. In October 2009, TOYOTA engineers released a graph in Japan showing that the Corolla had the lowest score for floor mat inclusions under its analysis. None of these results or data were shared with NHTSA at the time. Even today, the Department of Justice announced a lawsuit agreement with TOYOTA (“the agreement”) that allowed the company to admit that it misled American consumers by hiding and making false two safety problems concerning its vehicles, each causing a kind of accidental acceleration. The statements are contained in a detailed statement of facts attached to the treaty. The agreement, which is subject to judicial review, requires TOYOTA to pay a $1.2 billion fine – the largest fine of its kind ever imposed on an automobile company, and requires TOYOTA to review and evaluate policies, practices and procedures relating to TOYOTA`s safety and reporting obligations. TOYOTA agrees to pay the fine as part of a final forfeiture order in a parallel civil action that was also filed today in the Southern District of New York. “Instead of immediately disclosing and correcting the safety issues they were aware of, Toyota made misleading public statements to consumers and misrepresented members of Congress,” said Attorney General Eric Holder. “When car owners get behind the wheel, they have the right to expect their vehicle to be safe. If it turns out that a part of the car has safety problems, the car group has a duty to deal with it in advance, to correct them quickly and to tell the truth immediately about the problem and its magnitude.