UNW Canberra Academic Dr Sue Williamson said this is an important awareness, as previous research in this area had found a lot of opposition from managers to work from home. Many UNW employees ask for flexibility to work from home from necessity or convenience. The 2nd level of the Canberra Academy Library in Unsw provides a family-friendly space for all employees and graduate students with children. Baby replacement devices are also available in the disabled toilets on the second floor. UNW Canberra is an Breastfeeding Friendly accredited workplace and has an on-site chest storage area. In addition, we have different levels of support to enable our employees to take care of things in their personal lives while working at UNSW. Other options are: Gender Transition Leave, Domestic Violence Leave, Special Leave (for unexpected circumstances such as bushfires and pandemics) and cultural and religious holidays. UNW employees receive a number of leave requirements that help employees achieve a healthy work-life balance. You can find a snapshot at the bottom with links to explore further. The report shows that working from home has been a very positive experience for GSP managers and employees, who have dispelled some long-standing concerns about the flexibility of work regimes. “That`s a good thing, because the majority of respondents want to continue working from home on certain days of the week.” The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the power of the UNW community to quickly address complex and challenging performance.

Together, through cooperation, we have moved online education; We have moved most of our community away and supported each other through one of the most extraordinary periods in our organization and in our country`s history. “Working from home. The success of recent months shows that the GSP should trust its workers. In fact, this research shows that people can be more productive, and management welcomes them. Our employees have access to a wide range of life-balancing aids – flexible work arrangements, generous on-site child care requirements, and comprehensive on-campus fitness facilities. The report, which also contains a series of tips to help organizations facilitate work from home, is available here. UNSW HR Hub provides information to current employees that is relevant to parents, caregivers and employees who wish to explore flexible work and vacation options.