Reduction of hierarchy: It allows packaging kits for a node/material of the customer hierarchy or only according to the hierarchy. Setting-2: After establishing the agreements, the system calculates the deductions from each applicable invoice and updates these discount limits in the rebate agreement to see that few invoices are established. We are now discussing the most important steps in setting up discounts. Manual limits This box controls if manual limits are to be allowed for a particular type of agreement. The types of contracts 0002 and 0005 are set up for manual demarcations. Hello, it does not depend on the new or old command. Once you run VBOF, the delivery contract will recover all orders (depending on your terms) that are within the validity of the delivery contract. Best RegardsVishal——————————————————————————- Valid-To Proposal Here is a standard proposal for the expiry date of your rebate contract. Options include the end of the month, the end of the year, a fixed date of 31.12.9999, a proposal according to the billing schedule, today`s date and no proposal. Before using discount agreements, it is necessary to prepare an SAP system with several customization parameters. Here are these conditions: When you create or change discount agreements, you can create conditions by selecting goto -> Terms to access the Contract Preview screen.

Enter the data needed to create a packaging dataset (for example. B rate of flow and conditioning). Select ENTER. – If you don`t enter value for the limit set, the system automatically offers the value you entered as a condition game. – To create a price scale for a condition game, select the condition game and select the scales. – To view or change the details of a condition game, select the condition game and select the details. In the pricing procedure just above the net value of the item, we specify a sub-total basis for “discounts” by indicating the value “7” for the “sub-total” field that updates the discount base in the “KOMP” table and the “BONBA” field. Posted by DGirl on Jan 5 at 11:44 am Mark this response as helpfulMark as Thank you Warren and Vishal.

Another question: what is the difference between the amount and the delimitation in the discount rates? Thank you. To grant discounts, the seller usually signs an agreement with the customer that contains all the necessary details such as agreed sales objectives, the period during which these objectives must be concluded, and the conditions of reduction such as percentage, dollar coin or lump sum. The seller then tracks the volume of turnover achieved by the debtor for discounted products and periodically takes into account the reduction limits according to the accounting methods of the organization.